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  1. Jinya Ramen Bar Los Angeles

    December 16, 2014 by editor

    Wow, the ramen quest continues.

    Just so much flavor crammed into a bowl.

    Since I have been on this quest, inspired by Anothony Bourdine, I have realzed the massive depth of variety this dish can have.

    Because this dish has not quite caught on with US crowds, the majority of the people eating there are usually Japanese, as well as the cooks, with a few Mexican cooks thrown in.

    Thin noodels, thick noodles, and tonight fried onion on top.

    The available accoutrements may be rice and raw salmon eggs in one place, to Tempura Brusselsphoto sprouts in another, like where I am tonight.

    Usually about $10 a bowl.

    Always different.

    The broth has varied from a chicken soup like broth, to a rich, fatty, red curry broth.

  2. Ramen Yamadaya

    December 11, 2014 by editor

    The Japanese noodle quest continues.

    Today a new stop, Ramen Yamadaya.

    This is a one dollar sign on yelp ramen place in the San Fernando Valley.

    It is very different from the other Japanese ramen places I have been to.

    Most of the employees appear to be Japanese which is a good sign.

    The place is appropriately disheveled and a little dirty as would be expected.

    On to the food.

    I got a bowl of the Yamadaya Ramen for $11, Tonkotsu Spicy style.

    The broth was tasty.

    It tasted much lower fat than the other ramens. I like fatter better.

    There is a Rich and Fat option that I did not order, which I may have liked better.

    Ramen places are all about the broth and the noodles.

    The broth was good.

    The noodles were average.

    The other ramen places I have been I believe all made their noodles by hand.

    These noodles looked thinner and perfect, leading me to believe they were not hand made today.

    Was it just my imagination, or did they not taste as good?

    Try it and tell me what you think!



  3. Daikokuya

    December 11, 2014 by editor

    The second best noodle place in L.A.


    Just unbelievable.

    They possibly have the best salad dressing I have ever had.

    They also have the best octopus balls I have ever had.

    The place is dirty, run down, and the floor literally tilts so much you almost fall as you walk through.

    We waited for about 90 minutes while it rained on and off.

    We literally waited so long that while we were waiting for a table, we walked, got a snack, and then got hungry again before we sat down.

    Do whatever you have to do to eat a bowl of ramen here. It is absolutely out of this world.

    Especially you white folk who have never had real Japanese noodles before. You just have no idea what this is like.

    And go on a rainy day when you have to wait for 2 hours, it makes it even better.

  4. Vien Cafe Los Angeles

    December 11, 2014 by editor

    On black Friday after taking the girlfriend and her sister shopping in Beverly Hills we needed somewhere to get dinner. After Thanksgiving we all decided something lite, with vegetables would be ideal.

    Vietnamese fills this bill.

    I have always wanted to eat at Crustacean in Beverly Hills, but when we looked at the prices, the cost was a bit more than we wanted to spend.

    Instead we ended up at Vien Cafe, not too far from the Beverly center.

    Super fresh, healthy, and they had some unique green tea noodles which I loved.

    I highly recommend it.

  5. Mama Hongs Vietnamese in Burbank

    December 11, 2014 by editor

    This was my second time there. Each time I have found myself in Burbank, needing dinner by myself, this is the place that pops up on yelp. The only downside is that the parking is pretty tight in the area, but do-able.

    It has never been crowded, but definitely busy enough.

    The food is solid good pho, and other Vietnamese items that I have not ordered yet.

    I like the tables that are nice and big, well lit, and good for working which as you know I do constantly.

    Prices were average for pho, and the place was clean and bright.

  6. Basil and Mint Vietnamese Camarillo

    December 8, 2014 by editor

    Space. I like a big restaurant with lots of windows. If you walk in the door, and head to the back left corner you will find a booth with an outlet behind it. Perfect to settle in and work. I had the house soup which was a pho with shrimp, ground chicken, and pork. It was good. A good fairly cost pho stop off the 101 in Camarillo.

  7. Banzai Sushi Calabasas

    December 5, 2014 by editor

    imageMy new favorite all you can eat sushi place. I am dead serious.


    Great sushi.

    Amzing ambiance.

    It looks like an old craftsman bungalow, with a rustic patio.

    $22 for all you can eat sushi. The kichen closes after lunch at 2:30.




  8. Pizza Rolling Through South Laguna

    November 9, 2014 by admin

    I found myself waking up in my car in South Laguna beach today.

    I dropped off the family at Disneyland and went to Laguna to get some work done for out companies.

    I entered into yelp the best lunch in the area. I followed the map to get there, and it was directly behind where my car was parked.

    Don’t go here if you want American pizza. This is a very specific gourmet pizza, at least gourmet for this part of the world.

    If you were in Naples Italy, this would just be called pizza, but even with that, it has some twists.

    There are two types of pizza here, one with red sauce and the other half of the menu has no red sauce.

    Where at your typical American pizzeria, no matter what you order, it will taste roughly the same, here the flavor of each pizza is going to be drastically different.

    Not every pizza has cheese, and not every pizza has a red sauce.

    For me, who loves new unique combinations of flavors, I found something massively enjoyable.

    Before I start on that though, let me tell you about the crust.

    The crust is slightly charred in a lovely tiled woodfired kiln.

    It reminds me of a more chewy baguette. Not the place for someone who is gluten free.

    The outer part of the crust is charred where the part near the center is less cooked.

    Now the fun pizza combo. The pizza I got has sausage on it that was slices as opposed to the American pizza crumbled sausage. It had mozzarella imported from Italy, and it also had Gorgonzola which was a surprise and wonderful. Then it had nice long leaves of fresh basil.

    A simple and perfect little pizza.

    Angelina’s Pizza

    32860 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Dana Point, CA 92624

    Phone number (949) 429-1102


    photo1 photo2


















  9. Hugos Almond Energy Pancakes vs Green Tamales And Eggs

    October 31, 2014 by editor

    hugos-menuOne of the more fabulous, hearty, health breakfasts you will have in life is Hugo’s in Agoura Hills CA.

    Pancakes are not thought of as a healthy breakfast.

    These are made with almond, Quinoa, seeds and puffed rice, and dried cherries plus more.

    The first bite I had of these was exquisite and also obviously super healthy.

    Again the theme continues of using extraordinarily high quality ingredients to create an amazing flavor.

    If each of the ingredients taste good, it is hard for the final food not to.


    The next item is the Green Tamales and Eggs.

    Wow, before we even got to this the pancakes were so filling.

    The food is so healthy and satisfying, that a little goes a long way.

    The Green tamales and eggs were almost as spectacular as the pancakes.

    Hearty, yet healthy, with a perfectly done runny poached egg, and delicious tamales.

    They had nice light tortilla crisp strings that were freshly done and not too much.

    They gave just a little crunch to it.

    Lovely Halloween breakfast.


  10. Banana Rol – Anatomy of a perfect sushi roll

    October 31, 2014 by editor

    Hikari sushi is my favorite all you can eat sushi place in the Ventura area.

    This is a primer for a sushi restauranteur reading this on how to make a winning sushi roll for a lower cost restaurant.

    First, start of with fresh fish. No song, dance, poor lighting or sauce is going to make up for this.

    The banana roll has amazing fresh salmon, sliced and laying across the top.

    It then has a thin slice of banana underneath the salmon.

    This is brilliant.

    We all are programmed to love sweet.

    The banana gives it an exotic, dangerous, fun feel.

    The great thing about banana’s is that they can be gotten year round ripe, add a distinctive flavor, and cost nothing.

    There is a cream chile sauce lightly dabbed on top. Just enough fire to feel it, but not enough to hurt.

    Tobiko caviar is sprinkled on top of that.

    Inside the roll is great, fresh, sticky sushi rice.

    It is all spiral wrapped with kelp.

    Then inside is tempura shrimp which gives it a crunch and some chewy substance.

    Then chopped crab with a little mayo like a California roll.

    A little chopped scallion on top gives it a bit of green for contrasting color.

    No ingredient in it is particularly hard to procure or too expensive.

    A generous piece of salmon on top of each piece gives the appearance of luxury, while the other ingredients fill up the customer.

    Perfectly executed in every way.