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6 ways to enjoy the Winter Solstice

2011/12/22 by

1. Rent a boat and get the blankets – This is obviously for those who are somewhere that the water hasn’t frozen, and where you are not going to die in the romantic event. I remember two years ago in Albuquerque they have some kind of a winter river festival where people take to the water in boats to see the Christmas lights, and I know in Newport Beach they do the same. Nice girl, some bread and brie, maybe some jam to sweeten things up, and a big stack of warm blankets on a small boat. I can think of worse things to do. (Obviously do all the safe stuff the Coast Guard or your local lake patrol says because you could die in the winter on the water.)

2. Take a hike somewhere beautiful in the starlight. Again, pack some fun snacks, (chicks dig snacks), and plan out a romantic hike into nature somewhere. Bring along some flashlights, a couple of blankets, and of course snacks. By the way if you haven’t tried it yet, check out Whole Foods new Chocolate with Toffee and Salt. The stuff is like crack and has flavors that girls crave. Make it a short safe hike which is much more romantic than a hard march. Even just out into a park. There is something magic about being in Nature at night, but being warm and snugly.

3. Got snow? Get some bright camping lights and make a snowman with your loved ones, and a well planned and organized snowball fight with hot chocolate at the end.

4. Snuggle up and get on your Hanky Panky, but wear protection!

5. If you can do it without breaking laws or burning down the forest a bon fire with marshmallows. Make sure to stack the wood into a teepee shape, with kindling below that, and paper below that to get it to light easy.

6. Go find a drive in movie and celebrate the fact that it is cold and night! Bring lots of blankets so no one can tell what is going on under them and you stay warm.

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