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Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 1st date tips for guys.

2011/12/26 by

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a movie that every girl wants to see. The downside is that it deals with some pretty dark issues, including rape. We put together a list of tips to soften the date and make sure “The Girl” comes away from it sparkling and happy.

I recommend doing all of these, after the movie, to help restore that Christmas spirit.

If she is not demanding to see the Dragon Tattoo movie, I highly recommend Mission Impossible instead for arm clutching, romantic, adventure.

If she does demand the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, then here are the tips to soften the night. Do these AFTER the movie time is over.

1. After Christmas Sales – Girls love shopping and girls love sales. I know for you it is like sticking a burning stick in your eye, but trust me on this. Check out what stores she likes before hand, then do your research online and find which ones are having after Christmas sales. Then after the movie, surprise her by saying, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to go look at Nordstrom’s sale stuff.” Honestly, for me, there is nothing I like better than watching a hot chick try on different outfits.

2. Find out what her favorite dessert is, go get it, and eat it in the car. Half of this one is in the delivery. Ask her what dessert she loves best, whether it is Häagen-Dazs Chocolate Chip, or Hostess Twinkies, and when she tells you, (if you like it) then get enthusiastic about how fun it would be to grab some! Obviously if it is a hot fudge sundae at Coco’s then you are better off eating it inside than in the car.

3. Watch funny YouTube videos on your iPad 2 in its shiny new case! When you get back to the car, say something like, “Show me your favorite happy stuff on YouTube!”  Remember to watch HER favorite stuff not yours. You may just love the video where the guy gets hit with the hammer in the balls, but she may not find it nearly as funny.

4. Find the star constellations and watch for shooting stars. We just had a big meteor shower. On January 3rd and 4th the Quandrantids meteor shower will be happening again. Read up on our tips for watching a meteor shower. Even if there is no meteor shower going on, then bring a guide on the star constellations, especially one that tells a little of what they mean. This will literally put you guys back in the stars.

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