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The Six Reasons Why There Should be More School Closings in the U.S.

2012/01/03 by

1. U.S. Schools have failed to hit their mark

During the 47 years that I have been alive, the quality of U.S. education has dropped. From what I’ve heard it had also dropped the 30 years before I was born. Kids in Korea are studying  12 hours a day, while U.S. kids spend half their day learning which terms are socially appropriate to call which race and which disability.  What kids need to learn is how to study in the fundamentals of English, Math and Science.  Once they have fully mastered these, if there is any time left over, they can study the other stuff.

2. Students can be better schooled by private organizations

Bottom line, the way classes are taught in U.S. schools is a 2,000 year old method that sucks monkey balls.  The general message that is used is the teacher speaks or writes on the board the kid listens, and then writes in their notebook.  This method lost all its’ value when Gutenberg invented the printing press in 1440.  The way information should be taught is you get the best expert on the subject and have them write it down in a very simple way so that students can understand it.  Then have the students study from the book or study from the same materials online.  The side effect of this , by the way, is that school costs decrease by over 90%.  The other thing wrong with the way classes are taught is that the teacher is teaching verbally; that means the class is required to only go at one speed.  Chances are the smartest kid in the class is going to get bored so they will start screwing around or taking drugs.  At the same time, the slowest kid in the class is going to get overwhelmed.  So, he is probably going to screw around and take drugs also.

3. Our children don’t need to learn to be sheep

The American School System appeared to have been designed as much like an indoctrination camp as they were as institutes for learning.  I’ve personally found that the most successful people I know tended to be rebels in school and not the ones that followed the system.  There is no way that God or evolution ever intended for someone to sit still in a chair for six or eight hours a day.  I want our little boys to grow up to be gladiators and entrepreneurs and our little girls to grow up to be jaguars and wise queens.  We will let the rest of the world raise the sheep to buy our iPhones.

4. Home schooling makes better people.

Where most of us went to school, if we were lucky, there was gangs and drugs and violence.  If we were unlucky, there was rape and pedophiles.  I asked my parents to send me to public school starting in 6th grade to toughen me up, which they sure did.  But in today’s world, I’d rather my kids get UFC training and keep them away from the drugs and rape.

5. Our kids need to learn to be entrepreneurs

The one thing that is almost impossible to teach in a normal school setting is how to be an entrepreneur.  By virtue of the fact that teaching is done in groups at best you’ll end up with few kids in the class being leaders and all the rest followers.  Ideally, you create a situation where at least part of the time each of the kids are on their own creating something.  You also need the person in charge to be an entrepreneur or at least be okay with a kind of chaos that entrepreneurs create.

6. All you need to learn is to know how to learn and to be able to get online

With wonderful resources online, you really don’t even need schools with all of their books and teachers anymore.  I will list you a few resources that you could use to give any kid a beyond premier education for only a few thousand dollars.  The biggest cost is to buy the kid a new Mac Air every few years.  The Khan Academy was setup to provide a world class education in Math, Science and Business to every child in the world.   MIT is now offering all of their courses online for free.  If you need technical training in more specific software skills then sites like and for a small fee can teach you those.  The majority of the world’s knowledge is now also on Wikipedia.  If you combine all this with first really teaching your child how to learn and study then they can do it all by themselves.  In fact I personally have gotten world class education in many new fields the past 10 years by studying online and I never needed a teacher or a school.

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