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Dating Tips When Going Out with a Girl Like Heather Locklear

2012/01/13 by

Okay, let’s face it, sha-schwing.  We would all love to date a girl that looks like Heather Locklear.  Substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, and even those high-end prescription drugs are not uncommon in this world.

Let’s face it, sometimes even a smoking hot girl on drugs can still be a great person underneath it all albeit with some ”issues”.

So, how do you go out on a date with a girl like this?

  1. Take her somewhere they don’t serve booze.  Take her to the Japanese tea garden, the zoo, the beach, or on a nice hike.  That way she is not so tempted.
  2. Do something light and easy.  Taking somebody to see House of wax terror trilogy in 3D is probably not going to be the soothing romantic date you were hoping for.  Along with it you may want to skip the bumper cars and god forbid take her to the shooting range.
  3. Don’t let her drive. ( I’m just sayin’)
  4. Have the date during the day.  In case you haven’t noticed the really weird stuff on a date usually takes place late at night.
  5. Feed her something healthy.  Getting her hyped out on hostess twinkies and red bull is probably not a good dating move.
  6. Take her on a date relatively close to her home.  That way if things don’t turn out so hot it will be easy to get her back to her pad

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