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Where’d You Go, Steve?

2012/02/16 by

I’m sure I was far from the only one disappointed when I tuned in to watch last night’s episode of the Colbert Report, and was greeted with a rerun. What’s up with that? My boy Steve NEVER does reruns. I did some investigating this morning, and apparently, nobody really knows for sure. Comedy Central is keeping quiet about why they canceled last night AND tonight’s live airings of Stephen Colbert’s nightly show, something that’s happened, like, twice in the show’s 7 year history. Fox News reported,

“A source close to the Stephen Colbert show tells that new episodes of the politically minded faux talk show should begin airing soon following a mysterious suspension of programming.

Comedy Central would only say that “due to unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat episodes on Wednesday, February 15 and Thursday, February 16.”

Steve Albani, a spokesperson for Comedy Central told Fox411, “Unfortunately, we’re not providing any details beyond the only official statement.”

The cancellation seems to be unanticipated. Ticketholders for Wednesday night’s show were told shortly before the show was expected to tape that it would not be happening.

In its seven year run, “The Colbert Report” has never suspended taping except to get a playful jab in at Senator John McCain when he suspended his presidential campaign in 2008.

The network’s “The Daily Show,” from which Colbert was spun off has only canceled production twice due to the death of a staff member and when host Jon Stewart became a father.

This suspension comes amidst one of the busiest times for a daily program that achieves its highest ratings during election seasons. Colbert has been especially active this political cycle even starting his own super PAC, “American for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, which had raised more than $1 million by the end of last month.”

To read the rest of Jo Piazza’s Fox News article, go here.

Colbert for me, as I’m sure for millions out there, is a hearty dose of reality with a refreshing comedic outlook on everything. Life is what it is, right? Politicians are who they are, politics is what it is. I already look at life as a big game, and I appreciate how Colbert does the same thing with news and politics. I wouldn’t want to view it any other way. Come back soon Steve!

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