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Fat Tuesday is Upon Us!

2012/02/21 by

If food is your forte, then pick up a fork folks. Calories be damned, it’s Fat Tuesday! Or, as the French say, “Mardi Gras.” Now, you can do the party thing in New Orleans, or go nuts in Brazil at Carnival. For me, I’m content hanging out here in San Diego, and splurging on some delicious eats. Being a foodie myself, I don’t really need an excuse to divulge, but when one comes along I’m certainly not going to protest! Happy Fat Tuesday, hope that it treats your taste buds deliciously this year.┬áRene Lynch of The Los Angeles Times explains Fat Tuesday:

Fat Tuesday is your last hurrah, folks, so let the carbo loading begin. Fat Tuesday will give way to a more solemn occasion — Ash Wednesday — and then a 40-day period of self-sacrifice known as Lent.

Fat Tuesday, the English translation of the French “Mardi Gras,” signals the official end of Carnival season, billed as a hedonistic frenzy of food, booze, parades, masked celebrations and things that can’t be printed in a family newspaper.

Fat Tuesday is kind of like a hangover helper — and a way to get ready for what lies ahead.

The day is marked by one final food frenzy, much of it revolving around carbohydrates such as pancakes and deep-fried delights such as doughnuts. Why? Some say the tradition dates back to a time when refrigeration was non-existent and all the goodies in the home had to be eaten because they wouldn’t survive Lent. (They would probably also be an unnecessary temptation.)

The food frenzy also offers a final opportunity to indulge in rich, fatty favorites before Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Pancakes are favored because they make good use of perishables such as eggs. In Britain, contestants in pancake races run a foot race while flipping a pancake in a skillet.”

Photo Courtesy of The LA Times

To read the rest of Rene Lynch’s LA Times article, go here.

Keep in mind, I don’t promote Fat Tuesday as an excuse to eat crappy foods. You should still keep it as healthy as possible, meaning, no artificial coloring, sweeteners, or flavors. Try to buy organic and stay away from the processed stuff (I prefer to shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for healthy yet delicious options.) Other than that, happy eating!

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