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Hip Neighborhoods to Live In London

2012/03/24 by

Continuing on with my travel-and-live-abroad-in-London theme, today I’ve decided to do some research about the happening places to live in London. I ended up finding a super cool blog about the popular places for Americans to reside in London, giving descriptions of neighborhoods and the draws to each. Guest blogger Colleen Wagner paints a vivid description of several popular neighborhoods with pictures to boot:

Generally, American expats dig London’s West side.

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Notting Hill: No joking, this neighborhood continues to be a draw for Americans because of the Hugh Grant film of same name. There is a comfort to coming to Notting Hill from abroad thanks to a ready familiarity with the charms of Portobello Road as it’s portrayed in the movie. Bedecked in antique shops, fashion boutiques, pubs, cafes, and street stalls overflowing with produce, this colorful strip contains all the quaint appeal that Americans expect from London.

The amenities don’t stop at Portobello, however; indeed, the entire area is dotted with day and night-life amidst quiet residential streets that provide a nice escape from the city-center bustle and is close to green space like Kensington Gardens. The neighborhood’s Westbourne Grove has been nicknamed “Rodeo Drive” by residents for its posh clothing shops, and, overall, residences are well-maintained to an American standard.

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South Kensington: Even more central to London is the neighborhood of South Kensington, an affluent postcode that is home to a substantial American population.  The area bears a similar aesthetic to trendy U.S. neighbourhoods like Lincoln Park in Chicago or New York’s SoHo or Upper West Side and, like Notting Hill, is a cornucopia of shopping and dining.”

To get the rest of Colleen’s lowdown on hip London neighborhoods to live, click here.

Having not been to London (yet!), from all I’ve read it does sound as though is has something for everybody. And based on the blogs and informational websites about neighborhoods to live in, it reminds me of San Diego: all sorts of neighborhoods and niches, each different from the next, and all home to a diverse group of residents. All in all, it sounds both foreign and quite homey. 🙂

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