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Ad:Tech 2012 Party Lineup

2012/03/29 by

Hey guys! For all those attending Ad:Tech 2012 in San Francisco this year, rock on! I’ll be there myself and am planning on it being an incredible event. I also plan on making appearances at a number of parties this year, as well as possibly hosting my own shindig one night.

If you guys haven’t seen the lineup yet, there are going to be a bunch of cool parties on Monday & Tuesday next week, such as the Mathmen Party, the Nami Media “Rouge” Rope Event, the Blumberg Investment Party, and the Clickbooth party. Those are just a few of many. All I can say is, some of these parties feature some RAD musicians, others have awesome giveaways, and some feature open bar. (I even know of one in particular that has all of the above!) There are a bunch of other hopping parties as well, taking place everywhere from San Francisco clubs to halls.

To get the full lowdown on which parties are happening at Adtech this year, click the link. It’ll give you the lineup of who is throwing which party, what time, where, and some details about each one.

Also, keep checking back for more details about a little somethin-somethin I am thinking about putting together in the middle of the week. 🙂

I also want to highlight the Murray Newlands Affiliate Marketing Awards, which is going to be taking place on Tuesday night next week. It’s going to be an awesome event that will honor some truly talented and hard working affiliates. In addition, I’ve been asked to be one of the judges on the panel for this year’s amazing event taking place at the Minna Gallery. Other prestigious judges on the panel include Peter Bordes, Founder & CEO of MediaTrust, Tanya Alvarez, Founder & CEO of BlinkAds, Curtis Fullmer, Vice-President of Affiliate Marketing at Adknowledge, Inc., Firuze Gokce, Co-Founder & CEO of Affmeter, LLC, and Steve Hall, Founder of AdRants and MarketingVox. You can still buy tickets to the Murray Newlands Affiliate Marketing Awards.

And for those of you who don’t know about Ad:Tech, it is a digital marketing event taking place April 3-4 in San Francisco, featuring a hefty crowd of leading marketers, keynote speakers, and companies. Ad:Tech is a way to learn about innovative ideas in the digital marketing world through breakout sessions, workshops, and exhibitors. Topics include brand, social, mobile, search, display, and a bunch more. Bottom line guys, Ad:Tech is a sweet convention that is super helpful with digital marketing products and services. Hope to see you there! 🙂

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