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Marriage Proposal Fouled at Cubs Game

2012/08/01 by

I’m sure a lot of guys out there can relate to some sort of dating or marriage blunder, where they planned a magical evening or some sort of special surprise for their lady, and the actual event didn’t turn out quite as planned. This guy’s gaffe totally takes the cake though– he ponied up the guts to ask his girlfriend to marry him at the legendary Wrigley Field on Monday night, using the scoreboard to relay the big question and everything… only to have his girl completely miss the memo. I can’t even begin to count the number of errors on that play.¬†Yahoo Sports’ Kevin Kaduk reports on the story and gives us a peek at the video capturing the moment:

“Hey, we’re in no position to judge. If you think Wrigley Field is the best place to pop the question to your girlfriend then go ahead and dip your knee into that growing pool of Old Style in the aisle and ask for her hand in marriage.

But for the love of Jeff Pico, please make sure she doesn’t wander away for a hot dog and malt cup when the Cubs actually put your inquiry on the old green scoreboard.

Check out this dude’s reaction when he realizes he has a ring and a message but no actual woman to set the magic moment into motion:”

Click here to see the video of the exact moment when the proposal flashes up on the big screen, and the guy realizes his soon-to-be fiance completely missed it.

Doncha hate it when that happens? At least the guy kept his cool (sort of), found his girlfriend, and then proposed to her sans big-screen. I give him a lot of credit– it’s nerve-wracking enough to make a public proposal like that, and it’s gotta be even more intimidating to have to do it twice in front of the public eye. Glad she eventually said yes!

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