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Four Credit Lessons Learned from the Presidential Election

2012/11/08 by

Okay, so this may be a day late but it is definitely not a dollar short! Every word is worth a read. It is the Huffington Post’s take on four different credit lessons that can be taken from the Presidential election. See, and you thought that the only part of the elections concerning your personal financial situation was the candidates’ economic stances! Not the case. And, as journalist Jeanne Kelly points out, even if you’re not into politics you can still get something out of the election. I’ve gotta say, they are some good lessons too. Especially number 3. And number 2. And 4. Okay, they’re all good. Here’s a sneak preview of the story:

“Today is the presidential election — an opportunity for American citizens to have your say in the direction of the country by voting for your candidate of choice.

In the weeks leading up to the election, we’ve seen a lot of press coverage — both good and bad — about each of the candidates. Obama’s and Romney’s campaigns can actually teach us some lessons about credit. Even if you don’t like politics, learn these lessons because they’ll have a lasting impact on your credit scores!”

Click here to read the four credit lessons inspired by the election.

Not sure if I would have been able to come up with the same comparisons as Kelly did, but she writes a darn good article and her lessons are key in building up or maintaining a good credit score. Here’s an original one from me: working towards a good score is like running for President– you’ve got to make smart decisions, weigh your options, have patience and above all be persistent! Not bad, right? 🙂

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