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Tips to Get through the Holidays with an Unscathed Credit Score

2012/11/26 by

Now in general I tend to agree with the old Yuletide adage and carol, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” People are looking forward to spending quality time together, eating and drinking merrily with no regard for calories, and enjoying the overall jolly hustle and bustle of the season. The one area that does not partake in the most wonderful time of the year happens to be our personal finances and especially credit scores. Consumers tend to get Black Friday-crazed and extra shop-happy this time of year, and as a result credit scores take a hit and wallets feel the pinch. I enjoyed Jeanne Kelly’s article featured recently in the Huffington Post, giving readers some tips on how to get through the holiday season with their credit scores intact:

“On Sunday, November 25th, it’s officially one month until Christmas. Halloween and the election and Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over and now everyone’s mind is starting to think about Santa and candy canes and those little Christmas countdown calendars where you opened up a numbered cardboard window to get a piece of chocolate.

It’s the season when we need to be extra diligent with how we handle our credit so that we don’t hurt our credit scores. I’ve seen more than one credit-conscious client devote 11 months of the year to great credit habits and then turn into some kind of Christmas monster in December. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — unless (like those clients I just mentioned) you end up paying for Christmas for months to come.”

Click here for Kelly’s three essential tips on how to glide through the shopping season with credit scores unscathed.

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving and heed Kelly’s advice, as well as a little bit of common sense this holiday season, and avoid having to make a New Year’s resolution of paying off your massive credit card bill by the time the next Christmas rolls around!

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