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New Credit Score Tool Launched by Experian

2012/12/23 by

Merry Christmas, from the website, owned by major credit reporting bureau Experian, has recently announced the launch of a new online tool called “Score Planner.” To many, it might seem like just another digital aid for consumers to work on their credit scores, but in reality, there’s nothing like it that I know of that’s out on the market yet. The difference is that the Score Planner goes beyond the simple streamlining of financial information, like apps such as Mint and Manilla do, to actually educate consumers about what types of scenarios and financial moves can impact their scores–both for better and for worse. Instead of showing you what’s happening in the present to your finances, it gives consumers a glimpse into what could happen in the future. I see a similarity between this tool and the “teach a man to fish” concept, and I hope that people take advantage of it. Besides, tells me that rocker Bret Michaels is set to star in the new commercials–something that will surely be a treat to watch: reports:

“ has announced the launch its patented Score Planner, a new online tool designed to help consumers better understand what impacts a credit score. Starting on December 26, four new creative ads will support the launch, and one stars POISON singer, businessman and philanthropist Bret Michaels.

The ad campaign showcases Score Planner “sliders” and how they illustrate the impact different actions — opening new lines of credit, changing credit limits, forgetting to pay a bill — have on credit scores. Each ad features a young couple seated on the couch, using the sliders to project different scenarios. Eventually, the couple is confronted with a “mystery slider.” Moving it results in several rather unexpected experiences, ranging from a private rock concert (enter Bret Michaels) to an unusual encounter with guacamole.”

Click here to read about Experian’s new “Score Planner” commercial starring Bret Michaels.

Get in on some Score Planner action fellas. There’s no better time than to resolve to work on improving your credit score than the New Year! The holidays are over, there’s no more presents to buy for anyone until Valentine’s Day, and hey, we survived the Mayan Apocalypse so take advantage of your extra days and get your finances in order! 😉

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