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Resolve to Save some Cash in the New Year

2013/01/02 by

New Year, new resolutions to be made– and broken. I honestly can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people make resolutions, only to fall short of their goals every time. If you ask me, I think it’s all in the approach. Anyone can say they want to change something, but I truly believe that you need a game plan to decide how you’re going to change that something. Take for instance spending less and saving more money. Isn’t that something everyone wants to do? I think that the make-it-or-break-it factor in actually doing it is having a game plan for how you’re going to spend less money, and where you’re going to get that extra savings from. WGRZ’s Matt Granite wrote a great article with tons of suggestions for how to make and keep the resolution to spend less money and save this year:

“Here are my 2013 financial New Year’s resolutions. This is a check list that some of you might find useful and it builds upon the resolutions I made last year that I was able to keep. If you have any money-saving suggestions you want to pass along, I’d love to hear them. I wish you an amazing year ahead and I’m honored to be spending some of it together.

1) Shop smart:
Avoid impulse purchases and always check at least three stores to make sure you’ve got the best price.”

Click here to read Granite’s 13 cash-saving tips for the New Year.

Bottom line: if you set a goal, the best way to achieve it is to formulate an accompanying game plan. Hats off to all those who made New Year’s resolutions, I encourage you all to stick to them and make yourselves a “how-to” to keep you all on track. Godspeed!!

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