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Follow Bret Michaels’ Lead to Glowing Credit

2013/01/03 by

Have you guys seen the new Bret Michaels commercial promoting a credit scoring tool called “Score Planner”? That site really knows how to put out some funny commercials, one of my personal favorites being the Credit WipeOut one that ran in the spring this year (and yes, it does have everything to do with the hot blonde in the pink bikini strutting it on the beach. Oh, and also the red-headed guy who resembles Carrot Top who is buried in the sand up to his neck, rocking out at the end. I like that guy.) If you haven’t seen it, I strongly urge you to check it out. Disclaimer- It will probably make you want to steal Bret’s cowboy hat, tight jeans, and general bad boy appeal. Here it is:

Mary Ouellette of wrote an awesome post about the rocker’s new role that’s worth a read, if you’re a Bret Michaels fan (or a fan of commercials, as I am):

“ is launching its new Score Planner feature with some help from a very special rock ‘n’ roll guest in one of their new commercials. Poison frontman Bret Michaels stars in the new television ad, crooning one of his band’s biggest hits.

The commercial, which will air starting today (Dec. 26), shows a couple learning about the new online tools and trying out the new sliders and finding out how each will impact their credit history when they happen upon one aptly titled, ‘Bret Michaels.’ “

Click here to read about what Michaels had to say regarding his new role, and about credit.

Every rose does indeed have its thorn, my friends. Just as every credit score has the potential to prick consumers with its sinking numbers and poor accompanying credit report. Let’s not let this be the year to watch as our credit scores waste away into the oblivion, taking with them our potential for good interest rates, hopes, dreams, and futures… Wow I just read back what I wrote, and man does that Bret Michaels make me sentimental!

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