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Credit Scores Do Not = Romance Compatibility

2013/01/04 by

Ok guys, I wrote an article last week about the new credit score dating trend where apparently it’s okay to ask for your date’s credit score–on the first date, no less–and where credit scores are a “make it or break it” for some people in deciding whether they want to continue to court somebody. I was pretty reserved in my last post, but since this trend is continuing to make the news and seems to be widely accepted, I am going to voice my opinion here. First off, I’m not sure if people realize, but credit scores do not merge upon marriage. So somebody else’s credit score will in no way impact your own, ever. Second, credit scores are reparable! It’s not like asking somebody how many people they’ve slept with. See, that number will never go down, whereas a credit score can always go up with some work and dedication. To play devil’s advocate, I’ll include the latest in a long string of credit score dating articles, this one taken from an “Ask Jane” article from Dayton, Ohio’s local news station, WHIO TV. Jane Bryant Quinn reports:

“You might have to, if you want to see the guy or girl again. Credit scores not only affect the size of the interest rate you have to pay on credit cards and loans. They’re also becoming one of the keys to romance.

Even on first dates, that doll who’s gazing deeply into your eyes might ask for a credit score before deciding whether to see you again.”

Click here to read Jane’s take on a credit score’s place in a relationship.

And here it comes, reason #3 I think this credit score dating thing is goofy: I understand that people are being pickier these days about their mates, which is all well and good, but let’s cut others some slack for crying out loud. People can have bad credit scores for all sorts of reasons, not just because they’re being hounded by a dozen collection agencies. If you have too few accounts, just one late payment will make a huge dent in your score. Not only that, but not having enough credit can actually result in bad credit. So before you throw in the towel on the whole relationship, chill out and find out if the person has a goal to improve their score. Better yet, leave the whole credit score question for the 15th or 16th date and just enjoy the honeymoon phase already.

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