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Score Freebies like Credit Scores, Texting, and Phone Calls

2013/01/07 by

Whether you’re of the belief that “nothing comes for free” or that “the best things in life are free,” there’s no denying that sometimes we come across freebies that help us save a buck (or a few!) especially with the now explosively expansive world of the web. Some of my favorite free things are surfing, sunsets, stargazing, and laughing. Now, as for getting things for free, I’m a big big fan of that too. I’m always looking for activities that are free to me, such as the open museum day at Balboa Park or a free concert or street festival. I listen to Pandora and Spotify for my free dose of music, and get my annual credit report for free online. If you’re reading this, thinking you’d love to know of some more stuff you can have for free–especially after a holiday season that might have put some of us over budget–we are speaking the same language. I came across an article by Daphne Munro of ABC15, who compiled a list of freebies that can help consumers save money in all sorts of ways. Check out Daphne’s article and thank her in advance for helping you save some bucks:

“Save money by not paying for things that you can get for free.

Cell phones are a must have these days, but paying for the services can be a big expense. Lower that monthly bill by talking and texting for free. Google Voice is a free app that allows you to make local and long distance calls for free, plus you can text for free too and with no limit. Just download the app on your phone and follow the setup instructions, it is that simple.”

Click here┬áto read Daphne’s advice on four more things you can score, totally free of charge.

My favorite is when people think they have to pay $50 for a gym membership in order to workout. People, people, people! Working out is free! Go jogging, hiking, hop on your bicycle, do jumping jacks, jump rope, do pushups, and if you’re feeling uninspired you can always turn to YouTube which has only about a million different workout videos. No excuses for those New Year’s resolutions guys!!

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