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Bill Gates’ Credit Report Hacked

2013/03/16 by

Add Bill Gates’ name to the list of celebs whose credit report has been hacked. Has anybody else heard about this? You know how sometimes, hackers will get into celebs’ cell phones and post pictures or texts and it’s a big deal. Well, the latest hacking shenanigans involves a group of unidentified people getting their kicks by hacking into the credit reports of the rich and famous. Recent victims of the hackings include Jay-Z, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and now Bill Gates. My question is how difficult is it going to be for these people to have their reports rectified? We’ve all heard horror stories about regular, ordinary people discovering errors on their credit reports and it taking months or even years to get the data straightened out. Anybody want to wager any bets at how long it’ll take each of these household names to get their info fixed? And, more importantly, what the heck are these hackers thinking?? I don’t know how much jail time they’re looking at, but come on guys. Is it really worth it? Levi Pulkkinen of the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported on the Seattle dwelling Gates,

“Microsoft founder Bill Gates is among the latest names added to the growing list of celebrities and officials who’ve had their credit reports hacked in recent days.

Hackers who’ve stolen the personal information of Michelle Obama, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Vice President Joe Biden now claim to have obtained Gates’ information. His credit report and personal information belonging to 28 other notable people have been posted on a website maintained by the hacker group.”

Click here to read about the latest hacking and what the trend is revealing.

Okay people so make sure you are taking precautions to protect yourself as much as possible from identity theft: monitor your bank accounts closely, check your credit every year, and make sure you’re shredding all of your personal info that comes in the mail.

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