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When Do Medical Bills Show Up on Credit Reports?

2013/03/19 by

Wondering how medical bills can affect credit? People seem to be confused by when it is that medical bills actually make it onto somebody’s credit report. The simple answer is, if you get a bill from a doctor’s office and pay it, it will not show up on your credit. If you get a bill and don’t pay it, after a certain amount of time the doctor’s office will send it to a collections agency and THEN it will show up on your credit report. Let me just fill you in on one huge piece of advice: as somebody who works in the medical field, and sees patients regularly, I can honestly say that communication is the best way to keep a fat bill out of the hands of a collection agency and off of your credit report. If you get a bill from a doctor’s office that seems to massive to pay in one fell swoop, call them. Let them know your financial situation, if you’re unable to pay with one transaction, and then set up a payment plan. If you are making payments each week or month, I have a very hard time believing any doctor’s office will send you to collections. It’s when they can’t get ahold of you and haven’t received a payment in awhile that they start getting nervous you’ve bailed on the bill. Here is Sally Herigstad of Fox Business’ take on it:

“When you owe money to your doctor or to a hospital, it generally does not show up on your credit report.¬†However, if the bills go unpaid long enough and end up in collections, they’re going to be on your credit report, and they will affect your ability to get credit, including a mortgage.

Becky Walzak, president of Looking Glass Group in Deerfield Beach, Fla., and an expert in loan quality assurance, says, “Frankly, we see a lot of medical bills on credit reports.” “

Click here to find out how and when medical bills can affect your credit.

Bottom line guys: don’t mess around with medical bills, because they can come back to bite you hard if you let them go. The two most important things to do with medical bills is 1. pay them and 2. be communicative with the doctor’s office who is billing you. Sometimes just a phone call is enough to keep them from sending you to collections, so don’t fall off the face of the earth! Work out a payment plan, do whatever you have to do because medical bills are not considered good credit like installment loans are. They don’t help your credit score, they can only harm it.

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