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Wells Fargo Offers Free Credit Scores

2013/03/24 by

Who doesn’t like a free credit score or credit report? All consumers are allowed one per year (well, actually three– one for each of the national credit bureaus.) But most people don’t take advantage of this standing offer, and so Wells Fargo is putting out a proposal as part of a “Share Your Goals” campaign to get more people to cash in on checking out where they stand credit-wise. I like the idea a lot, and this is not the first time Wells Fargo has done something like this. I feel as though they are very good at trying to incentivize people to check their credit and work towards a goal for their credit score. That, to me, is the mark of a good bank–not just taking people’s money, but helping them figure out their credit situation and when necessary figuring out how to improve on it. Tony Adams of the Ledger-Enquirer reported on the campaign,

“Quick! What’s your credit score? For those who don’t know that critical number, Wells Fargo is again this year offering free credit reports and the accompanying scores to any consumer who wants them through April 15.

The offer is part of a nationwide “Share Your Goals” campaign, which includes a sweepstakes that will award a $500 Wells Fargo Visa card to 12 individuals and a $10,000 grand prize to one person.”

Click here to read more about the Wells Fargo special and how to take advantage.

So if you are wanting to check your credit score, credit report or both, I would recommend taking Wells Fargo up on their limited-time offer. Why go through Wells Fargo and not the other freebies? Well for one, you can win sweepstakes through Wells Fargo’s and for two, I do not believe that this check would count as one of your three freebies–leaving those available to you if you want to inquire later in the year at no cost.

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