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Traffic Violations Can Mar Credit Report

2013/04/09 by

Ever wondered if your parking violation, speeding ticket, or other traffic violation will effect your credit report? NBC’s Chuck Todd found out the hard way that it, in fact, can end up on your credit report– and can ding it up pretty good. The thing is, pretty much any instance where you owe money and have missed payments and the debt has gone to collections will wind up on your credit report. Same goes for a parking ticket or, in Todd’s case, making an illegal turn at a red light which he never paid. Todd claims that he never received the ticket and is now disputing the ticket, but what an unhappy surprise it must have been when he checked his credit report to find that ugly little instance dinging up his score. Moral of the story is to always pay what you owe, on time, regardless of whether it’s a line of credit with the Gap or AmEx or a traffic ticket. Ignoring the payments will only come back to bite you –by way of biting your credit report– in the long run. Here is what happened to Todd, as told by Eddie Scarry of

“An unpaid ticket for making an illegal maneuver at a red light has made its way into the credit report of NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“So I just learned the hard way that an unpaid red-light camera ticket can be part of a credit report. That seems ridiculous,” he tweeted Thursday at noon. He followed up with two additional tweets: My issue with red light cam tickets being tied to credit reports is that there’s no guarantee it was me driving. “

Click here to find out why Todd’s violation ended up on his credit report, and why yours doesn’t have to.

I guess the other moral of the story is that it really can happen to anybody, regardless of whether you are an NBC anchor or an average joe American citizen, like the majority of us. Nobody is safe from the brutal eye of the law– or apparently from those red-light cameras! Those things are serious. If we’re going for a third moral to the story, it’s to drive safely and don’t do anything stupid at red lights.

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