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A Quarter of American Men Have Never Checked their Credit!

2013/04/24 by

I had to share this article, just HAD to, because it’s a statistic I nearly did not believe when I first read it. Now, you can say statistics can be skewed to support any argument, taken out of context, and so forth. But this is one number that’s pretty black and white. According to a new survey taken by, 18% of all women and 25% of all men that actually have credit reports have never checked them–not once. This is totally shocking to me, considering how important a credit score (and in turn a credit report) weighs into so many financial aspects of life–car loans, home loans, student loans, credit cards, even employment. What’s even MORE mind blowing is that credit reports are FREE to check once per year! It’s not like people even have to pay money for them. And fellas let’s be honest… we’re lagging in the credit-check department. Women have us beat by 7%. That’s a pretty decent number when you figure how many people there are in the U.S.! Check out this Thomson Reuters article to learn more:

“Despite its importance in everything from obtaining a credit card or mortgage to employment background checks, nearly a quarter of Americans have never checked their credit report, according to a new survey by, the most popular legal information website.

Twenty-two percent of Americans have never checked their credit report to verify the accuracy of the information, even though by law, credit reporting agencies are required to provide free copies upon request.”

Click here to learn more about the study, and about how to obtain a free credit report.

OK guys, now that you have the scoop about how to check your credit report and why credit is so important, the only thing left is to go actually check it. C’mon… don’t be included in that 25% that is in the dark about their credit! You can’t fix credit errors if you don’t know they’re there. True story.

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