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Money Incentives = Weight Loss Results

2013/05/27 by

Well, folks, it’s been confirmed: the one thing that drives us, motivates us, inspires us, and really incentivizes us in almost all aspects of life issss… drum roll please…. you guessed it. Cold, hard, CASH! Recent research and studies have found that people who are having a hard time losing weight are best incentivized when there is the chance to win or make money as a result of their fat-burning efforts. And apparently this is a fairly recent thing. The Fox News article written by Dr. Jennifer Landa (below) reports that the earning-money-for-losing-weight thing began in January of this year (although I would argue that it started years ago, when the “Biggest Loser” TV show was born. Contestants compete against one another to win a cash prize of $250,000.) But this trend has got every day Joe’s like you and me signing up for websites or company-funded weight loss competitions in order to earn some cash. Dr. Landa reported for Fox News,

“The secret to weight loss may be much simpler than anyone ever imagined – so simple, in fact, you may wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before?

A study completed by Mayo Clinic researchers has discovered that money is the most effective motivator when it comes to weight loss. When conducting a comparison between study groups, one group was incentivized, the other was not. The results were overwhelming, with 62 percent of study participants from the incentivized group completing the study, compared to only 26 of the non-incentivized group. And, the incentivized group lost an average of 9.08 pounds versus 2.34 pounds in the other group.”

Click here to read about the ways people are using money to incentivize themselves to drop pounds.

There you have it, guys. Money is apparently more motivating than lowering cholesterol, decreasing your chance of diabetes, increasing heart health, and in general looking and feeling good and having more energy. But, I guess if you can have all of these things AND some extra cash, it’s a win-win, right?

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