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Credit Tips for New College Grads

2013/06/07 by

It’s that time of year when the birds are chirping, sun is shining, and ladies’ skirts are, um, shortening.

June is a great month, housing the longest day of the year, the first beach days of the summer, and for grads, newfound freedom and rejoicing. Being that it is the month of graduations, we figured it’s a good time to focus on some money management and finance tips for new grads. College grads, I’m talking to you guys in particular. You’re about to enter the big bad “real” world, and we thought you could maybe use a hand in figuring out some of the financial stuff. Take it from Jeanne Kelly of the Huffington Post, who dedicated an entire article to covering the biggest credit mistakes that recent grads make and how NOT to make them yourself. Check out Kelly’s rad article:

“Along with the increasing panic about impending exams, college graduates have the additional weight on their shoulders of thinking about what they’ll do after graduation. For most graduates, that means finding a job and a place to live.

It’s a new stage in life, which means there are many unknowns and a lot of learning (but this time, it’s not classroom-style learning). If you are a new graduate, you are setting up your life — which doesn’t just include a job and a place to live but also a credit history. The credit history you establish today is something you can build on (and rely on!) for years to come.”

Click here to check out the rest of Kelly’s article–the good stuff is in the middle of the page.

Ideally, you’ll learn these types of lessons–credit stuff–without being on the receiving end of a low score. With everything, there’s trial and error, and of course learning from experience. But trust me, one thing you don’t want to learn from experience is a credit lesson, because a low score can take years to repair and actually cost you tons of money–besides making it a pain in the ass to rent a place, qualify for a credit card, or even get hired. Take a lesson in credit this summer in lieu of a summer class, and you’ll thank me later.

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