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Cost of Travel Increases as United Rolls Out “Extra Legroom” Package

2013/06/08 by

Is it just me, or is the cost of traveling starting to get really ridiculous? United Airlines just announced some new packages where travelers prepay for a year’s worth of either checked baggage fees, or seats with legroom near the front of the plane. I mean, in theory it’s a good idea: pay a chunk of money upfront to save money in the long run, like buying a beach parking pass or a season pass for lift tickets. But in reality, I still think it’s crazy that travelers have to pay for baggage in the first place, so to ask for nearly $500 for an “Economy Plus” pass for a year is just silly to me. United is basically locking you in, ensuring that you’ll fly with them and no other airlines for the next year, and if you don’t fly at least five times you lose money on the package deal. What will airlines come up with next? Melanie Hicken of CNN Money reported on the new packages:

“United (UAL, Fortune 500) announced two new subscription programs this week where travelers prepay for a year of checked baggage fees or the ability to reserve seats in the so-called “Economy Plus” section near the front of the plane, which boasts extra legroom.

United says its the only airline to offer the subscription programs, which are priced based on travel destinations and number of travelers. The new programs come as many airlines continue to tack on extra fees and upgrades — from early boarding fees to charging for carry-on baggage.”

Click here to read more about United’s new pre-pay packages.

You guys will never see me buying these packages, I can guarantee it. I’m more of a train/drive kind of guy, which might take a little bit longer but saves a ton on airfare and, of course, baggage costs. I will be pretty curious to see how well these packages do though, because my prediction is not so hot–but we’ll see!

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