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Dinner at Taco Bell

2014/10/06 by

Yep. I went there.

I go possibly twice a year.

Why did I eat there?

how was it? Really?

Sure the setting was unapealing.

The customer service was exceptional. Sharp guy behind the counter, who was very nice.

On to the food.

Two burrito supremes, no beans, extra meat and then I put lots of mild hot sauce on it.

Let me pretend I was at a five star on yelp hip place with lots of reviews.

spicer The first word that comes to mind is juicy. Begins were crisp. Flavor rich. The hot sauce was mildly spicey with a light vinegar.

Definitely satisfying.

Would I have eaten there again, sure.

Now add in the environment and a lot of that disappears. All in all worth the money. There is a reason there are so many of them.





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