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Szechuan Place Agoura Spicy Tofu Fish

2014/10/11 by

This one restaurant is a journey in itself. First, ask for the Chinese menu or you will think you are in the wrong place and end up eatimageing Kung Pao chicken.

The Szechuan peppers are a uique food, either tasting pleasent and spicey to some, or actually electric, like the end of a battery and unpleasant to others. image

Today au I am trying the spicey tofu fish, also called spicey tofu fish hotpot.



It arrived.

None of the peppercorns.

A little oily but light.

Spicey, but not unbearable.

Soft tofu.

Lots of fish.

Great rice.


It has a special seed in it called Xiang liao with a very light and unique flavor.












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